Sony XB headphones pump up the bass

If, like us, you have tastes that run deeper than some low rent chart indie and the odd singer songwriter, then you'll be after treating your lugholes

Sony says their latest cans and buds give you the lowest bass you'll find on a pair of headphones, putting you right on the dancefloor of your local dive. Add Flo Rider and you'll never need to hit the clubs again.

The XB700s are the top notch pair, with 50mm dome–type drivers to ensure ultra–low frequencies, with bass getting an extra kick thanks to clear reproduction of high and mid–frequencies.

Naturally, they look the business too, with the XB 700, 500 and 300 all rocking similar sharp design. The in–ear XB headphones, the XB40EX and XB20EX also look the part, packing 'direct vibe' acoustic design for listening to bassy tunes on the move.

The whole range is due to land in March, with prices coming at you then. Excuse us, we've got a date with our Biggie collection.


Sony XB Series

Price: £TBA

On sale: March

Contact: Sony