Sony X series Walkman now coming 10 May

Sony's X series Walkman was supposed to land here in the UK this very month. But after Amazon's initial 'two to five week shipping period' was given t

While that's a slip of two months, we're willing to wait for one of the most hotly anticipated gadgets of 2009. The prices remain as before, with the 16GB costing £214 and the 32GB version clocking in at £283. That's pricier than an iPod Touch, but expect it to come down sharpish.

The X series Walkman was first spotted at CES this year. Sony's hoping it can really give Apple and other PMP players such as Archos, a real fright as everyone looks to converge their massive media libraries in one place.

Read our in–depth preview of the X–series now and watch it in action in our hands–on video.


Sony X series Walkman

Price: £214

On sale: 10 May

Contact: Sony