Sony Walkman S540 packs built-in speakers for "sharing music"

Sony has just outed a new speaker-packing Walkman that will either be music to your ears, or the bane of your commute to work.The S540 Series has two

The S540 Series has two integrated stereo speakers hidden inside the MP3 player's 10.2mm thin shell, that will blast out your music to all the lucky people sitting around you. Just make sure those people are your friends, we beg you.

The speakers use Sony's Digital Linear Phase Speaker System for smooth sound and good bass, but if you want to keep your music to yourself, the supplied headphones will use Clear Audio technologies for a similar effect.

The front of the S540 is mostly dominated by its 2.4-inch high-res screen, that will play back movies at a smooth 30 frames per second, as well as display track names, or the name of the radio station you're listening to with its on-board FM radio.

Most major music and video formats are supported on the S540, and getting your files on to the player is just a drag-and-drop process from your PC.

As far as playback goes, you'll get a rather impressive 42 hours of music when using the headphones, although this does shrink to up to 17 hours through the built-in speakers. Video playback will range from 5 to 6.5 hours depending on how you're listening to the sound as well.

The S540 will be available from next month with prices to be confirmed.