Sony unveils Vaio T Ultrabook

Sony's first ever Ultrabook carries on the Vaio slim and sexy tradition but cosies up to Intel's strict standards

We've been swept away in a sea of Ultrabooks so far in 2012 we almost didn't believe that the Vaio T13 is actually Sony's first laptop that meets Intel's Ultrabook requirements. Sure, the specs aren't miles different to the masses of rivals it has to contend with but we're sure there's one or two die-hard Sony fans who've been waiting patiently for this announcement.

We're looking at 11in and 13in models, with the bigger size touting a 1366 x 768 LED screen. The brushed metal build is 17.8mm thick and under the hood there's an Intel i3 Sandy Bridge processor (shame since Ivy Bridge is about to explode), integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics, 4GB of RAM and the choice of just an SSD or a hybrid solid state and HDD option. Sony also reckon its first Ultrabook will last nine hours on one charge and there's HDMI, VGA and SD card slots to keep connectivity junkies happy.

The Sony Vaio T series is set to drop in early June but we've yet to hear just how much Sony are expecting us to fork out – brace yourself.

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