Sony unveils HMZ-T1 head-mounted 3D visor

Would you don this hefty bit of tech on your beloved noggin?

Previously shown at CES 2011, Sony’s recently announced head-mounted visor not only looks like Robocop’s latest accessory, but it also packs in a lot more tech than the 1987 crime-fighter could ever have hoped to wield. Boasting a pixel-packing 1280 x 720px 0.7in OLED panel for each eye, the headset is able to offer a 3D experience similar to viewing a gargantuan 750in screen from a distance of 20m.

The setup should remove the pesky eyestrain associated with the current active shutter glasses and the built in 5.1 surround sound should happily ensure your isolation from the real world. The included processing unit also accepts connections from Blu-ray players, PS3s and other input devices, ensuring that lack of content will never be a problem.

The only downside is the wallet-busting US$800 asking price, not to mention the fact that you can’t help but looking ridiculous whilst wearing one, on your own. UK release dates and pricing details to be confirmed in the future.


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