Sony takes wraps off PSP-3000

Just as we were about the write the Leipzig games convention off as a yawn-fest, Sony goes and officially announces the much-rumoured PSP-3000.While i

While it sounds exciting and futuristic, the new model doesn’t bring a great deal to get the pulse racing – the screen has been boosted with more colours and apparently works better outside, and there’s a built-in mic to make Skyping a little easier (though you’ll still need to hunt down a Wi-Fi spot).

It also sports identical dimensions and design to the Slim & Lite, although there’s a new ‘PS’ button on the front instead of the ‘Home’ number.

The new model will hit shelves on October 15th for €199 (£158), though if you’re not bothered about its shiny extras and want to pick up a bargain the PSP Slim & Lite will be available on its own for €169 (£136) for a short time. Either way, the lesson is: don’t buy a new PSP in the next month.