Sony Tablet P hands on

Does your tablet fold in half? Well, does it? Sony’s new Tablet P does

The second of Sony’s new brace of tablets, the Tablet P, is a first for flat-top computing. Discounting the bulky – and frankly aging – Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, this is the first tablet that really fits in your pocket. It’s light and trim, not unlike a case for a slightly oversized pair of specs.

Crack open the Sony Tablet P, though, and a pair of 5.5in screens pop into life. Although our demo model could only display a single page across both displays, in future you’ll be able to browse in one and email from the other (or whatever floats your tablet-shaped craft.

There’s something a little unnerving about the dead space in the middle of a web page (in this example, the esteemed site), but scrolling is totally smooth and you overlook it soon enough. If you’ve ever toyed with any of Nintendo’s DS handhelds, you’ll know the feeling. Talking of which, having gaming controls on a secondary display is great for greasy-fingered gamers, and the potential for augmented-reality apps on the Tablet P is huge.

Here’s the home page, pretty much what we’ve come to expect from various leaks of Sony’s first tablet outings. Like its big brother – the Sony Tablet S – the Tablet P runs a custom Android skin, is PlayStation Certified, works as a remote for other devices and slings media to a networked TV (see our Sony Tablet S hands on for more about those).

We didn’t test out this camera, but we’ll be getting our hands on Sony’s Tablet P for a full review sharpish. Keep your bogglers aimed at for that and much more from the IFA show over the coming days.

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