Sony rumoured to be booting up Chrome OS in its VAIO laptops

As Google’s forthcoming computer OS prepares for launch, the grapevine suggests Sony is getting on board

This week you’ll be hearing plenty of chatter about Google’s Chrome OS. And it starts with this titbit – Sony is rumoured to be building a Chrome OS VAIO laptop.

The 11.6in Chrome OS VAIO (according to Sony Insider) will have Nvidia Tegra 2 silicon, 1GB RAM and an ultra-low power GeForce graphics. It’ll be less than an inch thick and start up in seconds, while rumours from elsewhere suggest an external GPU and superfast Thunderbolt connectivity.

We’re inclined to think this is a smart wagon for Sony to jump on. Samsung and Acer were both lined up to be bringing Chrome OS hardware to market this summer and as the old adage goes, the more the merrier. Hopefully, we’ll be able to confirm some Chrome OS hardware later this week. Watch this space.


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