Sony reveals SmartWatch, Wireless Headset Pro and NFC tags for Android devices

Want a bunch of snazzy goodies to go along with your future Xperia S or existing Android phone? Click on...

Sony has revealed a host of juicy Android smartphone accessories at CES, complementing its newly announced Xperia S Android smartphone – which we got our mitts on here – rather nicely.

First up to bat is the Sony SmartWatch, a Motorola ACTV-like device which acts as a secondary display via the wonders of Bluetooth. It has the ability to display texts and notification and control basic phone functions, which will be handy for those times when slipping a big-screened device out of your pocket is too cumbersome.

Sony's Smart Wireless Headset Pro is a Bluetooth stereo headset for Android with a built-in display for showing you notifications, text messages and call information.

Its party trick is acting as a standalone MP3 player and radio when unpaired with your device, which is also a rather nifty trick.

Last up are the SmartTags – NFC markers which can switch your Sony phone into different modes or configurations depending on your preferences.

Leaving one on your work desk to activate silent mode, or even in your car to automatically fire up the sat-nav, are just a few ways you can use the SmartTags.

Pricing and availability for Sony's Android goodies remain a mystery for the time being, but we're expecting more info in the near future – so stay tuned.