Sony releases third video teaser for S1 and S2 Android tablets

Fancy some Rube Goldberg shenanigans to brighten up a dull Tuesday afternoon? Click on…

Sony has released its third video in the S1 and S2 Honeycomb tablet teaser series and once again there are marbles, contraptions and doohickeys... but not much in the way of information. On the plus side, we do catch a glimpse of music and media playback capability on the S1 as well as an e-reader application on the dual-screened S2 which resembles an honest-to-goodness paper-filled book. Gamers will also note the cameo appearance of the PSOne title Crash Bandicoot with onscreen controls to give us an idea of the gaming prowess on offer. We look forward to a full spec sheet, but for now these tantalisingly quirky teasers will have to make do.


Sony tablet teaser - part I

Sony tablet teaser - part II

Sony tablet teaser - part IV