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Sony reaches new heights with 10MP shooter

Fancy owning a camera that's good enough to shoot Stuff's front covers? If the answer's yes, you'd probably be interested in the first ever non-SLR 10 megapixel digicam, the Sony R1. Read on to discover its other secret weapon

Glad tidings for budding Eamon McCabes – Sony’s just unleashed the perfect semi-pro camera for photography newbies.

The Sony R1 is is the first non-SLR 10MP digicam, meaning the lens is fixed into the camera and you can compose shots using the 2in LCD on the back. Previous cams with this many megapixels – such as the 16MP Kodak 645H – have required an extra outlay for a lens.

The R1 can even capture images in the uncompressed RAW format, making it theoretically capable of results good enough to use for Stuff’s magazine cover.

You may also be wondering what that crazy LCD on the top of the camera is for (see below). That’d be Sony’s other very clever innovation – a hinged LCD display that can actually fold onto the cam’s roof. We’ll reserve judgement on whether it’s useful until we’ve played with it, but it’s certainly unique.

Other specs? A 500-shot battery (good), 3fps burst mode (reasonable) and dual memory card slot for Memory Stick and CF (very nice).

The R1’s out in November for £700.