Sony PS3 lands DivX playback

The PlayStation 3 is going from strength to strength and is turning out to be a pretty forward-looking and useful machine to stick under your telly.Th

The latest firmware update, v2.10, released today by Sony, unleashes the PS3’s DivX and VC-1 video love. It enables you to stream your DivX movies from your PC directly onto your telly without any faffing about. Unfortunately it’s only DivX support, and not Xvid – the other massively popular video compression format.

Blu-ray Profile 1.1, also known as Bonus View, comes packed into the v2.10 firmware update for PS3. This will keep the console’s hi-def disc format healthy and active for years to come as new interactive features start popping up over the years – like picture-in-picture. The first film to pack this sexy feature is Sunshine, we’re told, released in January.

And last but not least is a voice changer feature. When you’re chatting to your pals across the PlayStation Network and you don’t sound enough like robot, this should sort you out. It alters pitch and tone for hours of fun.

Last week an Xbox Live update in the US saw the Microsoft console get DivX support, while UK Xbox Live users got HD downloads. Alas, a UK DivX update isn't on the cards. Still, fingers crossed for Xvid and other new codec updates.


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