Sony PS2 - 9 other famous 9 year olds

In the euphoria of the Playstation’s 15th birthday, lets not forget the PS2 also turned 9 a few weeks ago. It may be the best-selling console of all t

1) iPhone app writer from Singapore

Most kids his age are running around playing cops and robbers. But not Lim Ding Wen – he was too busy writing his first iPhone app. One of his apps, Doodle Kids, had already been downloaded 4000 times at the start of this year. His father, Lim Thye Chean, is the chief technology officer at a local technology firm, so it must run in the family.

2) Guitar Hero God: This is Ben. He’s 9 and he’s beaten Guitar Hero on expert, playing Through The Fire and Flames by Dragonforce. Enough said.

3) The world’s fattest child

Dzhambik Khatokhov from Russia weighs a staggering 23st 2lb, making him the fattest child in the world. He dreams of winning wrestling gold for his country at the Olympics some day, and weighs more than 4 of his classmates put together. His mum insists “He is just growing - upwards and outwards. What can I do about it?” Stop feeding him junk, perhaps?

4) The Microsoft certified professional

Arfa Karim of Multan, Pakistan got excited about technology when her father bought her a computer. Little did he know she would become one of the youngest Microsoft Certified Professionals in the world. Some say she is the youngest ever, though that claim is disputed by India’s Mridul Seth.

5) Fighting back against bullies, online

 Bullying is a common occurance in schools, but Jaylen Arnold took it seriously when kids made fun of his Tourette’s Syndrome. So he started his own website,, where he blogs about his fight against Tourette’s and bullies, as well as providing facts and research for you to mull over. Good for him.

6) Too good for his own good

 nlike most children, it’s a compliment to Jericho Scott when he’s told not to turn up for Youth Baseball League games in Connecticut, USA. The right-hander has a fastball that tops out at about 40 mph, so fast that he was told not to pitch anymore. When he went on anyway, the opposing team forfeited the game. Now that’s serious quality.

7) The child prince of darkness

There’s a reason Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne is held in high-regard by metalheads – it’s a fantastically tough song to play. Someone forgot to mention that little fact to Yuto Miyazawa obviously, because he plays it like a pro. He even got to play the song with the prince of darkness himself.

8) Pro-gay rights rally organiser

Innocent children can show us tainted adults the way, if every cliché in storytelling is to be believed, and if so, Ethan McNamee will lead the world soon. After hearing anti-gay insults in the playground and learning that his friend's two mothers were not allowed to marry, he organised a gay rights rally in Colarado. More than 200 people turned up to show their support.

9) The black-belt

Easy as taking candy from a baby? Not with this fella. Aiden Graves from Basingstoke packs quite a punch at Taekwondo – he’s already a black-belt. He took up the sport to boost his self-esteem after suffering at the hands of bullies. Unconfirmed reports say they’ve now burrowed deep into the ground in fear for their lives.