Sony preps T77 and T700 digicams

Forget Nikon's new S60 and P6000 for one darn minute. Sony has just announced two super slick new Cybershot compact snappers that are bound to get the

The latter is the big story here. Rocking a 10MP sensor, its party piece is the Nikon S60 matching 3.5in screen round the back and the massive T2-alike 4GB of internal storage. So you can show off your snaps in all their glory and keep up to 40,000 of them to boot.

For those who prefer their cameras pocket-sized, the T77 comes in at a mere 5/8 of an inch. Just to be clear that's supermodel thin. So thin in fact, that Sony claims it's the slimmest in its class.

Both snappers come with 4x optical zoom, image stabilisation and anti-blink function. The T700 also rocks a 3in touchscreen and ISO up to 3,200. Not bad at all, we think you'll agree.

They're due in late September in colours ranging from champagne gold to pink. Prices are due shortly, so keep an eye out and we'll bring you them right away.