Sony PlayStation 4 to be a cloud gaming console?

Sony Studios exec claims cloud gaming is "absolutely inevitable" – could an OnLive-style PS4 streaming service be on the way?

Sony's PlayStation 4 looks set to make the leap into cloud gaming – at least if the company's higher-ups are to be believed.

Scott Rohde, CP of Sony Worldwide Studios, told GamesIndustry International that it's "absolutely inevitable that [cloud technology]'s going to be a part of what everyone does," adding that he expects to see cloud gaming become the norm over the next five years.

Rohde remained cagey on the subject of the PS4's cloud gaming capabilities, declining to comment on whether it would feature an OnLive-style streaming service – though earlier in June, Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida told MCV that, "We're looking at what OnLive is doing, and the tech around that, and considering how this can be a part of PlayStation."

We've already seen rumours that the PS4's rival, the Xbox 720, might do away with the physical disc drive altogether (though they've since been contradicted by a leaked business plan). And the PS4 was all set to go download only, before Sony balked at the idea.

Nevertheless, it looks increasingly like this generation of consoles will be the last to use physical media for gaming – indeed, it may be the last generation of consoles altogether.

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