Sony Playstation 3 motion control coming March 2010

It's a good day for motion sensitive console gossip with the Wii 2 on the horizon and now news of the PS3 Motion Control. It's coming in March 2010 in

Minutes of meetings between Sony and Sega have slipped on to the internet with details of the Sony PS3 Motion Control included. Sadly no news on bundles or pricing yet.

However, the notes do include the suggestion that the PS3 Motion Control is perfect for Virtua Tennis, so expect some super-serving fun.

Pricing and bundle details were apparently set on September 1, according to the leaked documents, so expect an official announcement at the Tokyo Games Show next week.

The document also talks about Sega's plans to bring Dreamcast games to the Sony Playstation Network. Expect to see a single Blu-ray collection of every Sonic game to celebrate the blue hedgehog's years in gaming.

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(via CVG)