Sony PlayStation 3 celebrates its 5th Birthday

As Sony's third PlayStation turns half a decade old, we speculate on its successor and its entry in the next-gen console race

The PlayStation 3 celebrates five years of Blu-ray spinning, HD gaming goodness today, hot on the heels of the Xbox's tenth anniversary.

After a slightly rocky start due to its high pricetag and an initial lack of games, Sony's black box has flourished thanks to a run of quality titles from the Uncharted and Killzone series to the loveable LittleBigPlanet.

Asides from a few major security scares, Sony can be proud in bringing Blu-ray, 3D and motion control into the rooms of gamers worldwide and should deservedly swig a glass or two of bubbly to celebrate.

However, recent rumours of the Xbox 720 strutting its stuff at CES with a possible 2012 release date have lead us to question Sony's 'ten year plan' for the PlayStation 3.

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V trailer has also raised some questions – if there is an Xbox 720 coming out in 2012, we'd expect the latest GTA title to appear on that. We highly doubt we'll see an Xbox 720 and simultaneous PlayStation 3 release given the difference in power the the two units will have – so is Sony tinkering away on a Playstation 4 for a 2012 release date, too?

Only time will tell when Sony's next-gen console will be announced, so for now we'll just eat a few slices of cake and toast the PlayStation 3 for the hours of joy it has bestowed upon us all.

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