Sony outs first VAIO netbook series

Following on from its diddy but highly spec'd P Series, Sony has outed what appears to be its first true netbook – although it still seems prett

The VAIO W-Series "mini notebook" boasts a 10.1-inch high res screen, weighs just over 1kg and comes complete with webcam and a range of colours – pink, white and dark brown to be exact.

However, where it really blows its netbook cover is with the specs under the hood. The favoured netbook combo of the Intel Atom N280 processor, 160GB hard drive, 1GB RAM and Windows XP are all present and correct, as is Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity.

The W-Series is set to be available in mid-August, with prices yet to be announced. Let's hope Sony doesn't try to bump the price tag by attempting to avoid the "affordable" netbook label. You can't fool us, Sony.

Let us know what you think below, and be sure to check out our netbook top 10 to see what Sony will be going up against.