Sony module turns regular glasses into smart glasses

Smarten up your specs with Sony's latest gadget
Sony will let you transform your regular glasses into smart glasses

If you were intrigued by Google's Glass eyewear, but didn't fancy having to walk around with the eye-catching and attention-grabbing glasses on your face all the time, then Sony's latest creation could be of interest. 

Sony has created a module that attaches to the side of any eyewear; either your regular glasses, sunglasses or goggles. It works in a similar fashion to Google Glass in that there's a 600 x 480, OLED Microdisplay that floats in front of your right eye. This is connected to a Micro-Optical unit that serves as the control board, as well as a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi receiver. 

Sony envisages the module being used in a variety of ways including sports and at work. It says "helpful information that supports you in the activity you are engaged in" will be displayed on the screen, without obstructing the field of view.

Sony has said it will be distributing an SDK for developers to create apps to either be loaded onto the module itself or a compatible app for use with a smartphone. Sony gave an example of the potential uses for the module, such as "cycling, playing a round of golf, or engaging in some other outdoor sport, attaching this module to a pair of sports sunglasses and pairing it with a smartphone would enable you to access valuable information such as course maps or distance readings".

What makes Sony's module so attractive is the fact it can removed at any time; meaning you won't look like a Silicon Valley start-up investor when you're making your way down the high street. 

Sony plans to begin mass-producing the module in 2015 and will be showing it off at CES 2015 in January.

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