Sony making major PS3 announcement tomorrow

It seems that Sony is about to drop some serious PS3-related news tomorrow. The firm told games blog Kotaku to stay tuned for an announcement - but wh

The speculation seems to point towards a price cut for the console, which is currently the most expensive of the three major players at around £280. The Wii costs about £180 and the Xbox 360 starts at £125, so a PS3 price-pruning could be in the offing to help boost sales.

That said, the ailing pound's weakness against the yen means that any UK price cut would hurt Sony in the pocket big-time. The situation actually forced Nintendo to put the price of the Wii up - so that suggests that it may not be a price cut after all.

So what is Sony going to reveal, then? Could it be yet another version of the PS3 console with an even bigger hard drive, or possibly some swanky new service for the PlayStation Network? Stay tuned to find out tomorrow...