Sony kills off PS3 price cut rumours

So now we've finally got our hands on a dirt cheap 60GB Xbox 360, attention has turned to Sony's pricing plans for the PS3. And, somewhat unsurprising

Ahead of the annual gaming powwow in Leipzig, a Sony suit has said," “It’s not going to happen. If you’re coming for that you’ll be disappointed." Can't get much clearer than that, can you?

Rumours had been swirling round the Sony was ready to follow up its announcement of the 80GB version of the console coming to Europe with the announcement of a Microsoft–baiting price slash.

Alas, it looks as if we'll be laying out a penny shy of £300 as expected when the new hub launches here on 27 August. If you're not too downhearted, remember you can vote for the PS3 to win gadget of the year in the Stuff Gadget Awards. Chin up, PlayStation lovers.


PS3 80GB

Price: £299

On sale: 27 August

Contact: Sony