Sony kills off PS3 price cut chatter

Sony has put the kibosh on any talk of a PS3 price cut in time for Christmas, with the company saying their string of killer new games will more than

According to CVG, a Sony suit over in the States said, "We have the best line up of any PlayStation generation going into this holiday and consumers will be very receptive to it."

With Little Big Planet and Motorstorm Pacific Rift (which you'll be able to play at Stuff Live) in the offing, the guy's got a point.

However, with Microsoft cutting the Xbox 360 down to size already and Sainsbury's dropping the cost of the Big M's hub to just £99, we reckon Sony's hard fought efforts to get the PS3 up the charts could falter.

Nintendo is still shifting plenty of Wiis too, so expect the PS3 to battle valiantly but come up short in the games console battle this December.

Still, if you can't afford a PS3 but want to get to grips with all the new games and kit, you can head to Stuff Live and check it all out instead. Tickets are available from the official site.