Sony IPT-DS1 Party-shot automatically snaps pictures while your party

If the idea of an autonomous camera doesn't freak you out, you'll love the Sony IPT-DS1 Party-shot. The IPT-DS1 is a clever tripod that pans and tilts

The IPT-DS1 is a clever tripod that pans and tilts on its own. It'll adjust zoom settings and uses face detection to recognise and track people to take snaps without you laying a hand on it.

Currently it'll only work with two cameras, the newly launched Sony Cybershot TX1 and the Sony Cybershot WX1.

Both cameras come rocking 10.2MP and Sony's Exmor R sensor which it claims reduces image noise and works better in low light.

Both the Sony Cybershot TX1 and Sony Cybershot WX1 have an impressive 10fps burst mode. There's also a Sweep Panorama which stitches together a panoramic shot when you move the camera from side to side.

The Sony Cybershot TX1 shimmies in at just 14.1mm thick while the Sony Cybershot WX1 features a 5x optical zoom.

The cameras are jolly fine and all but it's the Sony IPT-DS1 Party-shot that's got us excited. Could this be the end of out-of-focus drunken pictures? Or is leaving your camera to do its own thing just asking for it to be nicked?