Sony HMZ 3D visor hands on

It looks like something from a sci-fi movie. We feel the force of Sony’s new 3D headgear

Nope – this isn’t some half-baked concept… it’s Sony’s 3D head-mounted 3D visor, aka HMZ. And it’s coming – so goes idle chatter on Sony’s IFA stand – in time for Santa to stuff it into your stocking.

It’s pretty light – light enough that Sony reckons you could go three hours without any neck ache. The payoff is that it has to be wired – the battery size it’d need to display 3D visuals and boom virtual surround into your lugs sans cable would take a toll on your noggin.

That’s where your eyes go. And that foamy strip at the top is to prevent you getting a permanent crease in your forehead after a gaming marathon. It’s comfy, too.

Pop the 3D visor on your bonce and you’re suddently down at the local IMAX. Admittedly in a seat pretty near the back, but the effect is totally immersive, helped by chunky audio pumping through the headphones. A pop-up menu is available to change video and audio settings, though sadly there’s no way to pause, play or scan what you’re watching. All that has to be via a third-party device – a computer, TV, Blu-ray player or console, for instance. Anything with an HDMI port, in fact.

And these are the controls you’ll be using, handily situated on the underside where they can’t spoil your futuristic look. Not that you’ll care what you look like once it’s on.

Here it is in action. When it launches – for an undisclosed sum, but certainly for much less than a 3DTV – it’ll come with a strap so you don’t have to hold it in place. As we said, it should be out in time for Christmas, so we won’t have to wait long before our future arrives.

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