Sony Go!Messenger gets killed off

The PSP 4000 has been getting us Stuffers somewhat hot and bothered today. But while we talk up the chance of a slick new model landing in our laps, S

The VoIP, IM and video call offering was fired up this time last year, but it seems the service, which was offered via a partnership with BT, just isn't doing the numbers.

In a statement, Sony said, "Although Go!Messenger brought innovative communications features to the PSP community, the service has not developed the base of users that we were hoping for." The service will slam its virtual doors on 31 March.

So with punters clearly not willing to use their games–focused hub for blathering with their mates, where does this leave rumoured plans for a PSP phone? Pretty much dead we're willing to bet.

Were you a a Go!Messenger user? Or did you think it was a bit of a waste of time? Mouth off now in the comments section.