SONY GAMESCOM 2009 – PS3 Slim confirmed for September

It may have been one of the worst kept tech secrets this year, but Sony has now officially confirmed the PS3 Slim will be on our shelves in just a few

At 32 per cent smaller, 36 per cent lighter and consuming 34 per cent less power than the original PS3, we'll see the Slim on shelves across the world in the first week of September as expected.

There were no mention of any spec changes, so expect the Slim to come packing a 120GB hard drive and Blu-ray drive as standard.

As expected, there will be a price cut to 299 Euros and $299, but annoyingly no UK price was confirmed.

Going at current conversion rates that'd be somewhere between £180-£255, but we'd bet you can expect our price tag will be towards the upper end.

It was also mentioned that this price cut will also apply to the regular PS3 from tomorrow.

So there you have it folks – will you be picking up a PS3 Slim in September? Let us know below.