Sony finally unveils its MySpace rival

[intro]Sony has been beavering away for months to create Vaionation, an online community site for creative types. Is it a MySpace killer or a big la

Sony has roped veteran DJ Norman Jay and 'British Eminem' Plan B to help promote a brand new community site dedicated to showcasing British creative talent – while simultaneously promoting Sony technology, naturally.

The site works like Myspace, but with a bit more editorial content, a nicer paint job and far, far less people. You can upload videos and music, get people to rate them, and compete in the Hype! charts.

Our initial video upload experiments didn't go too well - our .MP4 files weren't accepted and our .M4Vs have very special effects - or defects - that you can appreciate for yourself by clicking on our VAIOnation homepage. Which, incidentally, isn't easy to find because the search is broken.

But hey, we can't really complain about other sites having technical difficulties - we have enough of our own over here at, and this is the first day for VAIOnation beta.

The big question, though, is whether Sony is too late to the community site game (does the world need another MySpace?) and whether that VAIO brand is strong enough to pull people in. From the name alone, you'd think it was as advert for Sony products. But actually, it's a lot cooler than that.

Check it out and let me know what you think.