Sony faces renewed threat from hackers

This weekend could bring more woes for Sony as another attack is planned

In the wake of the PlayStation Network security breach Sony's CEO Howard Stringer yesterday offered up an apology letter on PlayStation Blog, attempting to placate users by assuring them that there is "no confirmed evidence any credit card or personal information has been misused" and detailing a "welcome back package" of one month free PlayStation Plus membership for PSN customers and extension of PlayStation Plus and Music Unlimited services to compensate for the downtime.

Today, reports that an observer of the Internet Relay Chat channel used by the hackers has told them another attack is planned this weekend. The hackers apparently claim to already have access to some of Sony's servers and plan to expose information they find which could include customer details and credit card numbers.

Not good news if you're a Sony customer and were hoping for a relaxing weekend.

via CNET, PlayStation Blog


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