Sony exec hints at UMD-less PSP 2

A few weeks back we heard the first credible rumblings on the PSP 2, with legendary game developer Dave Perry telling the world (via Twitter, natch) t

Well, now Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Ray Maguire has hinted that Perry’s claims may well be true. He told that the current PSP’s UMD drive ‘wasn’t brilliant’ and that it had led to the console being ‘under-supported’ games-wise.

He didn’t stop there, going on to say that his ‘gut feeling is that downloads will increasingly become a bigger part’ of the PSP’s future. Hmmm.

So, while Maguire stopped short of telling the world that UMD is about to die a (some might say well-deserved) death, he is hinting that Sony is looking towards downloads and digital content as a main medium for PSP games. Watch this space for more PSP 2 news in the coming weeks.