Sony Ericsson's tiny T303

iPhones, Viewtys and Xperias are all well and good but aren't the most practical phones to be taking on a night out.Packing almost as mighty a punch,

Packing almost as mighty a punch, but without the unsightly jean bulge, is the Sony Ericsson T303.

Unveiled at CeBit in Germany today, the all-metal slider is a mere 8cm tall when closed yet manages an FM radio, Bluetooth and Sony Ericsson's TrackID feature.

There's no 3G and only a 1.3MP camera. Still, judging by our nights out, perhaps it's not a bad thing that some of those pictures remain a little 'murky'.


Sony Ericsson T303

Price: £TBA

On sale: 'mid 2008'

Contact: Sony Ericsson