Sony Ericsson's "Paris" slider phone pics

Pics of Sony Ericsson's new slider phone, codenamed Paris, have been posted over on by site member mhg2000.Their new smart phone is exp

Their new smart phone is expected to run on the Symbian UIQ 3.3 OS and the pictures suggest it comes with a tasty 5MP camera and a twenty key QWERTY keyboard for tapping out those missives on the double.

We're not sure where the inspiration for the codename came from, but we're looking forward to the Sony Ericsson Lyon, Grenoble and Marseilles phones. Nice.

As always, we'll bring you the latest when we have it. In the meantime, why not check out the Paris' competition in our smartphones Top 10?


Sony Ericsson "Paris"

Price: £tba

On sale: tba

Contact: Sony Ericsson