Sony Ericsson W595 hitting UK next month

Sony Ericsson's been keeping its eyes on the smartphone prize of late, thanks to the stonking Xperia X1. However that's all set to change, here in the

As well as the usual SE goodies inside, including a 3.2MP camera, MMS and Bluetooth, there's a 2.2in screen and a YouTube app so you can stick all your vids straight online.

There's space for a 2GB card, so you'll get plenty of tracks on board, including some from the newly DRM–free 7Digital.

3 says we'll be able to grab one next month for free on contract or £130 on pay–as–you–go. Form an orderly queue now music lovers to avoid disappointment.


Sony Ericsson W595

Price: From £130

On sale: October

Contact: Sony Ericsson