Sony Ericsson T715 slides into view

Many touch-phone refuseniks are wondering, with some justification, whether anyone is still making simple, messaging workhorses with real buttons. Wel

Offering a large keypad with mechanical buttons – how terribly quaint – the T715 also proffers a ‘smart desktop’ feature which gives you direct reminders of appointments, notes and birthdays.

While it’s certainly not high-end, the T715 is far from a complete simpleton. The combination of 3G connectivity and 2.2in screen should make it good for quick visits to the web, while Google Maps is pre-loaded to help you get around town.

A 3.2MP camera with LED flash isn’t to be sniffed at either, and there are Photo Light and Geotagging features to help with low light and archiving. Just don’t prod its screen, it doesn’t like that.