Sony Ericsson sneaks out the Xperia X2

Not surprisingly, Sony Ericsson isn’t a big fan of Nokia World. So it’s done the only thing it could to halt the Finnish love-in and annou

The X2 is, of course, the successor to the Xperia X1, a Windows smartphone we loved for its tweaking potential, but loathed for its fiddly interface and instability.

The big hardware upgrades are a new 8.1MP camera with ‘Photo light’ uploading to the web, and a slightly larger 3.2in screen (up from 3in).

Like the HTC’s Touch2, it runs on Windows Mobile 6.5, but includes Sony Ericsson’s ‘Panels’ interface rather than TouchFlo.

There are 14 panels pre-loaded, and a new feature called SlideView, which apparently gives quick access to contacts, messages and media. Sounds like a response to the HTC Hero’s live widgets to us.

On the downside, there’s still no real internal storage, so you’ll have to make use of the microSD slot. If ‘Panels’ has managed to up its game from the X1, it could yet be a contender for Windows Mobilists.