Sony Ericsson set to focus on smartphones…at last

Sony Ericsson's new Chief Executive, Bert Nordberg, has said the firm will finally turn its attention to building smartphones. Nordberg told the Wall

Nordberg told the Wall Street Journal, Sony Ericsson has "some weaknesses in the smart phone segment". Translation: we took our eye off the ball but now we're staring at it like a myopic football ref.

While Nokia and Apple tussled with each other like Mothra and Godzila in a cheap 50s b-movie, Sony Ericsson has wandered around like Paddington Bear clutching its Cybershot and Walkman phones like jars of marmalade.

But with the iPhone 3GS and the Nokia N97 finding favour with the public, Sony Ericsson needs more than the Sony Ericsson Xperia line to satiate its smart phone hunger.

Better speed up work on that Sony Ericsson Android phone we've been promised and slap that lovely Rachel UI on it while you're at it.