Sony Ericsson Pureness 2 in the pipeline

The Sony Ericsson Pureness, which we got hands on with back in September, may not be on sale yet, the phone's designer has already let slip that a Pur

Speaking to the chaps over at Electricpig at the phone's launch today, Daniel Mauritzson said the Pureness' mission of bringing the limelight back to simple phones will continue in the second handset, which may be simplified even more.

As yet details are pretty sparse, but Mauritzson did say he would be working on "taking away" things rather than adding them, and that the focus would be on the software inside the phone, rather than its design.

Having said that, the current Pureness handset is a simple but beautiful beast, featuring a monochrome, see-through screen in a candybar shell.

Although it still packs 3G and a web browser, its aim is to provide a "counterbalance" against smartphones brimful with features, and Sony Ericsson say it may even serve its purpose as a secondary handset for nights out and the like.

That said, it's a pricey second handset to have. Having taken two years to produce, and featuring additions such as a concierge service coming with the phone for a year, the price of £500 won't be the most attractive to many.

Still, if you're a fan of exclusive gadgets you can't go far wrong with this. No exact release date yet for the Pureness 1, and you can expect some time before we see the Pureness 2 hitting the market, but we'll of course keep you updated with news of both. In the meantime check out what we thought in our hands on gallery, and let us know if you think its a design disaster or a minimalist masterpiece below.