Sony Ericsson Kurara gets snapped and previewed

So we’ve seen pictures and heard rumours, but now the as yet unannounced Sony Ericsson Kurara has been previewed by a mobile phone website, comp

Also known as the Sony Ericsson U5, the reviewer is not overly complimentary of the Symbian handset which he says will appear next to the Android Xperia X10 as the company’s flagship devices in 2010.

Labelling it as overpriced, the reviewer says the Kurara brings very little more to the table than Samsung’s i8910HD, apart from a faster UI thanks to the Cortex A8 processor on board in the handset.

In fact, for a handset that is apparently set to come to market some six months after the i8910HD in February or March, the review reports it is actually poorer in some departments, including image quality due to its lack of AMOLED screen.

The screen will be a reasonable 3.5 inches though, and elsewhere there will be an 8.1 megapixel camera with autofocus and 720p movie recording, with a 3.5mm jack, microSD card slot and proprietary applications for Facebook and Twitter.

The reviewer seems boggled that the handset is being held back from going on sale, even though it's apparently ready now, but adds it "doesn’t offer any innovations that can make one open his mouth and say 'wow'".

It seems mainly the price point, expected to be around £360, is the main bother the reviewer had with this handset. Perhaps if it was lower, we may have seen a more favourable review. It certainly gives Sony Ericsson some food for thought to say the least.

Are you wary of Symbian Sony Ericsson phones after the Satio problem of yesterday? Let us know what you think below.

Via: Mobile Review