Sony Ericsson Idou – iPhone killer unveiled

With the W995 firmly out of the way, Sony Ericsson has fired a warning shot to Apple, RIM and every other touchscreen player with a killer new mobile,

Sony Ericsson is only dropping a few details today, with more to come in the summer. But we've been tantalised with talk of a stonking 12.1MP camera, a 3.5in touchscreen to match the likes of the iPhone and G1 and a Symbian platform based on the new Symbian Alliance software.

The interface will rock an XMB style familiar to PlayStation fanatics and SE mobile hounds alike. And that's something we're more than fond of too. Again, this is all part of their Entertainment Now plans, doing away with separate Walkman and Cybershot blowers.

The name's due to change, which we think's a crying shame. We'll be getting a closer look on their MWC stand later this week, so keep your browsers open to for all the news.

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