Sony CP-A2LAKS wind-up USB charger heads for Japan

When solar power isn't cooking up enough juice for our lifeless gadgets, we may soon be able to energise them with elbow grease

With phones, tablets and laptops getting faster, better and slimmer, something had to give, and a glance at your battery indicator may give you a clue what that is.

Enter the Sony CP-A2LAS USB, a hand cranked charger that allows users to generate more talk time with nothing more than a few twists of a handle. Sony warns its new charging apparatus should only be used as a last resort – winding for three minutes gives you one minute of talk time, and winding for five gets you a paltry minute of web surfing. Enough time, perhaps, to find a nearby charging station.

Still, you can read our guide on how to get the most from your laptop battery in the meantime. The Sony CP-A2LAKS USB charger will be released in Japan on June 20th for around ¥8000 (£62).

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