Sony commissions gem-encrusted jelly Xperiabots

And number one on our list of titles we never thought we'd write goes to this story right here. Click on through for jelly, meteorite pieces and platinum microchips.

Sony has decided to throw together a rather special culinary creation to celebrate the finale of is Xperia Unleashed campaign.

Rather than bake a cake like normal folk however, the Japanese tech giant has instead commissioned zany jelly monger's Bompas & Parr to craft the most expensive jelly creations on earth.

Still confused? It's simple really. Just think of an edible A4-sized jelly robot with gemstones for eyes, golden cogs, platinum microchips, meteorite pieces and even a vibrator to make its concoction of jelly and gems wobble on command.

Only three of these... things, will be available and they're currently hidden around the UK for lucky winners to find, along with a golden spoon to eat it with and a jelly making lesson from Bompas and Parr to learn the methods behind the madness.

Good luck in your hunt and remember not to swallow any meteorite – it gives you terrible heartburn, at least in our experience anyway.

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