S'ony a camphone

Purveyor of quality camphones, Sony Ericsson, has just launched a, well, a camphone. The K608 is an impressive beast, sporting no fewer than 1.3 megapixels

Like the S700i before it, the K608 sees Sony Ericsson's much vaunted 'two-face' design ethic trotted out again for the assembled mobile throng. It's a phone, it's a camera, it's a phone, it's a camera, it's a pho… Anyway, here it is in all its 1.3MP glory. Beautiful, isn't it? With 4x digital zoom, a photo light and a tasty 262k-colour display, we're willing to wager it'll be up there with the S700 as one of today's top camphones.

It's no one-trick pony, either, since it houses a veritable cornucopia of features, like push e-mail, an FM radio, MP3 player, VideoDJ and MusicDJ editing software and the ubiquitous Bluetooth to squirt your data all over the ether. Look out for a full review in the a future issue of Stuff, once we've prized the sole UK sample from the PR's cold, dead fingers.