Sony breaks out the PlayStation 3D monitor

Either that or the new 24in PSP just got a lot less portable

Sony feels your 3D pain. You want to crank out some hardcore third-dimensional gaming on the PS3, but getting the notes together for a 3DTV (or getting them out of the joint account without the other half noticing) is a struggle.

The company's lifeline comes in the PSP-themed shape of this 24in 3D gaming monitor. Sony reckons it'll undercut the cost of getting in on the 3D game (in both senses) and should the (as yet unannounced) price tag not be enough to lure you, it'll throw in a pair of active shutter facewear and a game to sweeten the deal.

Cunningly, Sony's using the active shutter tech to offer two-player 2D gaming with each player being delivered a full screen view, albeit at half the refresh rate you'd normally get. Consider our ears pricked - we'll be getting our hands on one later in the year.

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