Sony Bravia Z5500 – the latest 200Hz Motionflow TV

Sony's 200Hz Motionflow tech is getting plenty of hype at the moment. And the smooth picture inducing gubbins has just reared its head again in the ne

Offering up stunning visuals, the new lineup also crams in DLNA, meaning you can stream your flicks and TV shows straight from a media server or PC. It even means you can snaffle feeds and web goodies too via Sony's AppliCast system, meaning you don't need to fire up your laptop when you're kicking back on the sofa.

Obviously full 1080p is present and correct and there's HDMI for hooking up our PS3 for the full–on Sony experience.

The only caveat – it's set to cost £1,800 when it lands in June in 40, 46 and 52in versions. We're saving already.