Sony AR glasses to take on Project Glass?

Google's augmented reality glasses aren't the only fetching facewear in town – Sony's busy working on a starey, sharey version

Are Sony's AR specs the ultimate geeky glasses? A patent filed earlier this year makes us think so – not only have these video glasses been in the works since 2008, they're also set to rival the rumoured Xbox AR glasses and Google's hipster-friendly Project Glass – which we should see more of at the Google I/O this week.

Sony's transparent glasses would not only include portable gaming features (which we're hoping feels as futuristic as a heads on with Sony's HMZ 3D visor) but they will also sync to smartphones like the Xperia S, gaming gadgets like the PlayStation Vita and accessories like Sony's Smart Watch. Plus early adopting Sony fans will be able to scan visual tags and codes embedded in movie posters or products via an on board camera.

Perhaps the zaniest idea Sony has included in the patent is sharing info between two pairs of AR glasses just by staring into each other eyes. It might make bumping smartphones together seem archaic or more likely just result in a lot of tech-related restraining orders.

Either way, we can't wait to try them out as we get the impression it'll feel a bit like we're controlling the specs with our mind. Which can never be a bad thing.

[via Patent Bolt]

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