Sony announcing new products – colour ebook reader incoming?

Sony has announced an event at the British Library on Wednesday 26 August. It's release refers simply to "Sony's latest projects" but the lo

The Sony PRS300-RC Reader Pocket Edition and Sony PRS600-SC Reader Touch Edition ebook readers recently launched in the US, so they event could be to introduce them to us Brits.

However, we have heard strong whispers that Sony will in fact be revealing an ebook reader with a colour screen. That move would be seriously exciting. Add colour and suddenly newspapers and magazines like the mighty Stuff can be treated properly on your ebook reader's screen.

Rest assured, Stuff's roving reporters will be at the event to get you all the news and pictures. But in the meantime, read how impressed we were with Sony's current ebook reader, the Sony PRS-505.

And let us know in the comments whether colour is just the feature to get your flinging aside your paperback in favour of something more futuristic.