Sony and Microsoft in Blu-ray Xbox talks

With the recent demise of HD-DVD, Microsoft has a large pile of HD-DVD drives left in its garden shed. Is it really ready to embrace Blu-ray? Rumours

Rumours of a possible Blu-ray drive for the Xbox have been circulating since before the end of the format war. However, the first actual sign that an Xbox Blu-ray add-on could be a possibility has popped up this week.

Stan Glasgow, Sony Electronics' US president has been quoted as saying "Sony is in talks with console rival Microsoft about offering a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360." Quite what qualifies as talks, we have no way of telling... "Hello, I'm calling on behalf of the Sony Corporation, have you considered including a Blu-ray drive in your console?"

Stan Glasgow also mentioned Sony are in similar talks with Apple, which hasn't offered a Blu-ray drive in any of its range yet – though the the Macbook Air's lack of optical drive could throw up an interesting challenge...


Xbox Blu-ray drive

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