Sony and Fifa announce first 3D football World Cup

We already know that around half of us will be able to watch the World Cup on Freeview HD, but now Sony and Fifa have joined forces to bring the compe

Up to 25 of the matches will be filmed using Sony's 3D cameras, and will be viewable with an extra dimension by anyone with a 3D-ready TV.

Don't panic if you can't fork out the cash for a new TV in time though – Sony will be setting up public viewing events in 7 cities around the world, including London, Berlin, Paris and Rome.

The announcement further proves Sony's dedication to 3D, having announced last week it predicted up to half of its TV line-up would be 3D-ready by 2012.

It's also boosted Screen Digest's forecast of 3D take-up, now estimating that 13.6m 3D TVs will be installed in Europe by 2013.

What do you think to 3D, will it be as big as everyone is making out? Let us know below.