Sony 27in OLED within a year

Here at Stuff Towers, we’re still pining after a tiny 11in OLED TV. But Sony top brass reckon we’ll be able to lay our hands on one of the

Top man Howard Stringer, speaking at D: All Things Digital, said the 0.3mm plastic screens (even tinier than regular models), which you can wrap round your arm, would be available in the next twelve months. There was no word on how much it’d cost, but with the 11in XEL-1 coming in at around $2,500 we’re erring on the side of bank balance destroying.

Sony debuted similar plastic models last year, albeit in 2.5in form, showing them being bent in half and not suffering any ill effects. Like breaking down completely.

What this means for the likes of Samsung, who showed off a similarely tooled up OLED back at CES, remains to be seen. All we know is that we’ve got a serious case of gadget desperation.