Sonos ditches the wires with latest software update

Sonos has released software update 5.1, which removes the need for the first speaker to be connected to a router

Sonos has released a software update which turns the multiroom music system into a true wireless set-up.

Until now, Sonos users had the laborious task of either connecting the first speaker to their network router or buying a separate Sonos Bridge to do the same job.

But now, thanks to update 5.1, those days are over.

Sonos has been planning to go fully wireless for some time and had already released a beta for some users to test back in April.

Previously, a Sonos system required the first speaker to be hardwired, with the rest of the speakers then creating their own 'mesh' network rather than clogging up your home Wi-Fi. The Sonos Bridge allowed the first speaker to be moved away from the router, but ultimately still involved using wires somewhere and taking up valuable Ethernet ports on your router.

With the 5.1 update, any speaker within a Sonos system - whether Play:1; Play:3; Play:5 or Playbar - can be set-up for wireless playback via the Sonos app for smartphones and tablets. 

Sonos says most home Wi-Fi networks should be able to support a multiroom system, but for those with weaker connections you can still use a Bridge, or go for one its new Sonos Boost units. This works in much the same way as the £40 Bridge, but is a much beefier version and will cost £80 when it arrives in the next few months.

Users who want a 3.1 or 5.1 Sonos system will still need a Bridge to connect a Sub and/or a pair of rear surrounds. 

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