Sonic’s the secret star of Nike ad

A hidden mini-game featuring the blue hedgehog has been snuck into the megabucks football promo

Seen Nike’s lavish new “My Time Is Now” ad featuring a host of football stars? Good innit? Well, it may be even better than you already knew – because it boasts a secret Sonic The Hedgehog mini-game.

Watch the video via Nike Football’s YouTube channel and you’ll notice a whole heap of extra interactivity: you can click on players’ names to access quotes from them and background items to bring up information on Nike’s FuelBand or its new range of football boots.

One of the clickable items (hint: it’s something right next to the pitch) brings up a Sonic mini-game, playable in your browser. It’s actually better than full Sonic games of recent years (OK, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration), so find it and enjoy.

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